Safety Tips For The Plasma Cutting Table

The plasma cutting table is a high tech piece of machinery that can cut through solid sheets of metal easily and efficiently. It uses a special torch that uses an inert gas and an electrical arc to create a plasma flame that can burn through just about anything, almost like the CNC laser cutter. Adding one of these plasma cutting machines to your workplace can increase the productivity of your company to a great extent. However because they are so hot they must always be operated within the designated parameters or there could be injuries. This article will seek to provide you with some essential tips for using these machines safely.

Plasma Cutting Table

Because the plasma cutting table is such a delicate and dangerous piece of equipment, the typical guidelines for welding are not going to be sufficient to prevent injury. For starters, these plasma cutting machines use a full electric current between the torch and the work-piece. Anything that touches the work-piece will become part of the circuit so there is a high risk of electrical shock when using them. So make sure that you never touch the torch body, the work-piece, are any part of the electrical circuit in order to avoid such an accident. Also, keep in mind that these devices have a much higher electrical output than standard welders.

In order to use plasma cutting equipment safely, there are certain precautionary measures that you should always take. One important rule to obey is to never pick up the work-piece, waste cutoff included, while you are cutting. Make sure that the work-piece is always securely in place on the workbench and attached to the work cable whenever you are cutting. It is also crucial that you never remove the work clamp during the cutting process.

Because water is such an effective conductor of electricity, you must pay special care to keep your body and your clothing dry when using a plasma cutting table. One way that you can do help to ensure this is by wearing insulated gloves and boots while operating the machine. You should also make sure that you never touch, stand in, or sit in any type of wet surface.

If you have never used Lockformer, Hypertherm, or Lincoln plasma cutting equipment before then it is important that you read through the manufacturer’s instruction manual that comes with the machine in detail. If using them on the job, make sure that you have had a coworker or superior teach you in detail how to use them and do not attempt to do so without their surveillance until you are comfortable. Always make sure that you wear the required protective clothing, i.e. gauntlet gloves, safety shoes, flame retardant clothing, and pants that do not have cuffs. When these few simple tips are followed you can help to avoid any accidents occurring.